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Thanks to the unique and original concept of Vaneesa jewels, each jewel that corresponds to it !!! To meet this expectation, Vaneesa Bijoux offers an exceptional range of jewelry and fashion accessories are varied, a 750 Gold Plated collection, a 925 sterling silver rhodium collection, a micro paving collection and a collection of multicolored crystal jewelry Fantaisie Austrian.


750 Gold Plate Collection

In order to obtain an excellent quality and satisfy the needs of all our customers, our gold plated 750 jewels are created and treated (plated) in France.

Our team optimizes its daily work in order to meet the requirements of our customers by guaranteeing a better quality and offering the most competitive prices on the market.

In accordance with French law, all our gold plated jewelery is plated in 750 gold. Our company offers a replacing service on all our 750 Gold Plated collection at no cost during the warranty period of 5 years. Thank you for keeping the bill.

Our gold plated 750 jewels are manufactured in France according to European standards and are resistant to 5 to 10 years.


Sterling silver 925 rhodie collection

All our sterling silver 925 jewelery is rhodium plated, this precious metal is considered the best of the Platinum family for its resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. Thus the rhodium remaines brilliant regardless of the environmental conditions.


Micro paving collection

Micro paving is considered today as the new trend of the year. This technique has been developed to crimp diamonds. Thanks to this technique, our jewels are set with stones of very reduced sizes (1mm) held between them to emphasize many advantages the stones that the metal, thus causing an unparalleled reflection.

We have invested heavily to be able to offer such a collection, and today we are proud to offer our jewelry "micro-paving" to all our customers so that they can stay at the top of fashion by enjoying these jewels of incomparable quality.


Austrian crystal multicolored collection

The flagship concept of this collection is to promise each woman a true fashion accessory that fits all budgets, a jewelry that follows the trends and can be easily matched with her wardrobe.

This collection cultivates a whole range of style, traditional or avant-garde, sober or sophisticated, discreet or brilliantly adorned. Each woman will find the jewelry that suits her and that she will carry with pleasure or that she will offer to please ...

Our products are nickel free.

We respect the European laws prohibiting the use of the nikel which is a cause of allergies.


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